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Everthing you want to know about Hallmark ornaments

     Hallmark Cards first introduced their Keepsake line of Christmas ornaments in 1973. At first they were mainly glass balls and yarn ornaments. Many of the first pieces were Betsey Clark designs. Hallmark moved away from the glass Christmas ornaments and began creating Christmas ornaments that were figurines and characters. Over the years Hallmark ornaments have been created in designs of Star Trek ships, Disney characters, Harley-Davidson , Barbie ornaments and many other pop culture related designs.

Hallmark has also made Christmas ornaments in more traditional Christmas designs as Snowmen, Here Comes Santa, Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, Rocking Horses and Frosty Friends Eskimos. In addition, many are made to celebrate special milestones such Baby's First Christmas ornaments and First Christmas Together ornaments. The Child's Age Collection allows people to collect dated ornaments to commemorate a child's first five years.

In recent years, Hallmark has had Gold Crown exclusive ornaments that you can buy at your local Hallmark store. Series such as Beauty of Birds are Gold Crown exclusive and have substantially increased in value. Hallmark keepsake ornaments are generally for a year and then that exact design is never produced again. Past year ornaments are available from secondary dealers that carry ornaments that are no longer produced. The line of 2015 Hallmark ornaments is well over 350 different designs.

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